Wednesday, 18th April 2018

Custom Software Development

With the increasing needs and continuous changes happening in the way business are conducted in the present day, more often packaged software and solutions do not meet the expectations of the end customer. The limitations in the packaged software cause challenges to manage businesses in an efficient manner.

It is also quite natural for the businesses to consider having an in-house IT team to overcome this challenge. Though this arrangement may seem to be an ideal solution it comes with a very heavy cost.

JAG is a perfect outsourced vendor who helps such customers providing consultancy and develop custom solutions. Our highly skilled technical experts interact with the client, understand, analyse the needs of their businesses and create tailor made software to fulfil their complex needs.

The Process:

• Onsite analysis to understand the exact needs of the businesses
• Freeze the scope of work create necessary documents which become a part of total development cycle of software        requirements.
• System Analysis & Design
• Provide quick deliveries with help of pre-created framework.
• Develop Software with highly skilled team of developers and project managers.
• Deliver and Implement the custom solutions at end customer.
• Provide post-delivery support in the form of maintenance for such custom software solutions.

JAG has an experienced team to deliver custom solutions to all industry verticals private and government institutions with equal ease. JAG delivers even the most complex software with ease to clients. JAG ensures quality and is very flexible in terms of post-delivery support provided to clients. We help our clients in real testing environment and ensure smooth functioning of the solution.

Custom software development services have their own benefits

• Create solutions to fulfill the business organisation’s needs.
• Replaces the expensive and inefficient packaged solutions with custom made software applications for better business results.
• Enables clients to focus on their core activity. Streamlines business practices and reduces overheads.
• Helps businesses to adopt the latest technology and simplify work flow.

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