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Service Management Solutions

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is designed to supply instant knowledge of what IT assets are deployed. It includes fully featured asset tracking capabilities to effectively address your business and IT requirements for compliance and optimization through automated discovery, hardware and software inventory, configuration management, software usage, software license management and reporting capabilities.

IT Client Management

IT Client Manager provides fully automated features that help you streamline the processes of:

    Configuring and migrating machines
    Maintaining and tracking hardware and software inventory
    Managing updates and patches
    Providing security and support for remote systems and devices.

Service Desk Management

Optimize the effectiveness and responsiveness of your Support organization with Service Desk Manager, which helps automate knowledge management, interactive online support, and self-service and advanced root cause analysis. Service Desk Manager is the most versatile and comprehensive IT support solution available to help unify and simplify IT Service Management.

Service Level and Catalog Management

Service Level Management (SLM) is a solution that simplifies the process of negotiating, defining, managing and improving the quality of IT services at an acceptable cost to the business. An IT service catalog allows you to define and publish service offerings in business terms, with appropriate quality attributes. This solution can measure, manage and report on the overall IT service performance while at the same time provide operational transparency to demonstrate the business value that IT services deliver every day.

Business Process

Outsourcing Business process Outsourcing denotes Outsourcing of core, but routine and repetitive, activities to a third party service provider so as to cut down costs and improve efficiency. Unified offers such cross-industry, function specific business services to clients around the globe. Unified standard BPO services originated based on a foundation of having successfully implemented and improved these services with its parent companies.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

To meet your operational and strategic objectives, Unified offers a range of flexible Outsourcing solutions to optimize service levels, reduce and improve cost structures, reduce corporate carbon footprints and strengthen competitive positioning.

Financial Value

Outsourcing allows companies to reduce costs through labor arbitrage, process reengineering and leveraging best practices and economies of scale. The resulting cost reductions create additional capital for re-investment in the most strategic parts of the business.

Operational Value

By leveraging innovative processes, latest technologies and economies of scale, Unified drives change that results in greater efficiencies and standardization for you. Our metric-defined service levels and controls increase accountability while improving quality, predictability, and risk management.




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