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JAG Software was started by a group of young dynamic and enterprising individuals with an intent to provide customized software to support companies within India and Overseas.

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JAG Software uses its experience and expertise to bring down the cost of resources for its clients, thereby increasing the profitability of their clients.

Having started with one assignment in the UK, today we serve clients all across Europe and Asia.

The clients have appreciated JAG's services and support; and they have given lot of strong references and recommended others to use our services.

Today our ERP solutions cater to clients from various industry vertical, ranging from fabrication companies, Service providers, to inland & overseas logistics companies viz Transporters, NVOCC , Freight Forwarders, Consolidators, Palletising companies.

JAG Software started with a couples of associates and today has a large team that can handle multiple projects and deliver them in a short time period.

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With the increasing needs and continuous changes happening in the way business are conducted in the present day, more often packaged software and solutions do not meet the expectations of the end customer. The limitations in the packaged software cause challenges to manage businesses in an efficient manner.
It is also quite natural for the businesses to consider having an in-house IT team to overcome this challenge. Though this arrangement may seem to be an ideal solution it comes with a very heavy cost.
JAG is a perfect outsourced vendor who helps such customers providing consultancy and develop custom solutions. Our highly skilled technical experts interact with the client, understand, analyse the needs of their businesses and create tailor made software to fulfil their complex needs.
The Process:
Onsite analysis to understand the exact needs of the businesses
Freeze the scope of work create necessary documents which become a part of total development cycle of software requirements.
System Analysis & Design
Provide quick deliveries with help of pre-created framework.
Develop Software with highly skilled team of developers and project managers.
Deliver and Implement the custom solutions at end customer.
Provide post-delivery support in the form of maintenance for such custom software solutions.
JAG has an experienced team to deliver custom solutions to all industry verticals private and government institutions with equal ease. JAG delivers even the most complex software with ease to clients. JAG ensures quality and is very flexible in terms of post-delivery support provided to clients. We help our clients in real testing environment and ensure smooth functioning of the solution.
Custom software development services have their own benefits
Create solutions to fulfill the business organisation’s needs.
Replaces the expensive and inefficient packaged solutions with custom made software applications for better business results.
Enables clients to focus on their core activity. Streamlines business practices and reduces overheads.
Helps businesses to adopt the latest technology and simplify work flow.
Feel free to contact us at sales@jagsoftware.in for more information

JAG’s software migration services help you convert your legacy applications without disturbing the existing know how and leverage on the performance potential of latest technologies. We help you with migration irrespective of whether the application is a desktop or web application. We are capable of developing and implementing software application migration / application porting projects. We perform migration / re-engineering of applications from existing platforms to newer ones and from older legacy technologies to newer open technologies.
Migration methodology can include an approach that:
Integrates Legacy Systems and new Internet driven technologies.
Migration of systems and business logic to new architectures, languages and web-based environments.
Ensures systems quality and stability.
Replace a legacy system, moving the data from the legacy application to the new application while preserving data integrity.
Consolidate legacy systems eliminating duplication by moving data and functionality from various systems to a smaller number of systems.
JAG a custom software development company have the technology and expertise to convert your legacy applications to web application making the application accessible for enterprise application integration and e-business.
We work on every phase of migration process i.e. current technology study and evaluation, requirement analysis, code migration, testing phase as well and deployment phase.

We offer complete Mobile Application Development Services, with a focus on Utility and Location Based Services, Productivity applications, Entertainment and Games. These services span the entire mobile application development cycle from initial design and architecture, development and integration into existing systems.
Our Mobile Application Team provides technology-driven mobile application development that meets the strategic objectives of its clients. We have the expertise in customizing the products according to the customers’ goals and needs that leverage the customer expertise in its domain to meet the overall goal.
JAG has been helping companies develop innovative mobile applications that range from Entertainment Applications to Location Based Services. With a full mobility-focused engineering and design team, We can help Develop, Port, Test and Certify your applications leveraging application accelerators for faster time to market.
Technical Skills
Development of mobile applications for various mobile phones
Development of Location Based Services on Mobile Phones
Porting applications for different categories of mobile phones
Rendering your existing software to function on a mobile phone
Operating Systems & Platforms: J2ME, Blackberry RIM, Android and iPhone
Network: SMS/MMS, WAP Push, Enterprise Application
Mobile Web Services Server Platforms: J2EE, Microsoft .NET, PHP
Mobile Application Gateways: Openwave & Seven (messaging)
Mobile Databases
Mobile Advertising Networks
Innovative Applications
Our Mobile team are capable of building innovative applications and helping companies of all verticals to effectively launch their vision.

IT Asset Management:
IT Asset Management is designed to supply instant knowledge of what IT assets are deployed. It includes fully featured asset tracking capabilities to effectively address your business and IT requirements for compliance and optimization through automated discovery, hardware and software inventory, configuration management, software usage, software license management and reporting capabilities.
IT Client Management:
IT Client Manager provides fully automated features that help you streamline the processes of:
Configuring and migrating machines
Maintaining and tracking hardware and software inventory
Managing updates and patches
Providing security and support for remote systems and devices.
Service Desk Management:
Optimize the effectiveness and responsiveness of your Support organization with Service Desk Manager, which helps automate knowledge management, interactive online support, and self-service and advanced root cause analysis. Service Desk Manager is the most versatile and comprehensive IT support solution available to help unify and simplify IT Service Management.
Service Level and Catalog Management:
Service Level Management (SLM) is a solution that simplifies the process of negotiating, defining, managing and improving the quality of IT services at an acceptable cost to the business. An IT service catalog allows you to define and publish service offerings in business terms, with appropriate quality attributes. This solution can measure, manage and report on the overall IT service performance while at the same time provide operational transparency to demonstrate the business value that IT services deliver every day.
Business Process:
Outsourcing Business process Outsourcing denotes Outsourcing of core, but routine and repetitive, activities to a third party service provider so as to cut down costs and improve efficiency. Unified offers such cross-industry, function specific business services to clients around the globe. Unified standard BPO services originated based on a foundation of having successfully implemented and improved these services with its parent companies.
The Benefits of Outsourcing:
To meet your operational and strategic objectives, Unified offers a range of flexible Outsourcing solutions to optimize service levels, reduce and improve cost structures, reduce corporate carbon footprints and strengthen competitive positioning.
Financial Value:
Outsourcing allows companies to reduce costs through labor arbitrage, process reengineering and leveraging best practices and economies of scale. The resulting cost reductions create additional capital for re-investment in the most strategic parts of the business.
Operational Value:
By leveraging innovative processes, latest technologies and economies of scale, Unified drives change that results in greater efficiencies and standardization for you. Our metric-defined service levels and controls increase accountability while improving quality, predictability, and risk management.


JAG offers solutions based on .NET framework. With many certified and experienced developers, we boast to have worked in almost whole technical space of Microsoft technologies. Right from legacy technologies like ASP 3.0, VB 6.0, VC++, etc, the experience at JAG has been wide spread now to all the frameworks in .NET like 1.0, 2.0, 3.5. We can provide engineering solutions in all core languages of .NET framework including C# and VB.NET. Our .NET Software Development experience in all possible areas has been spread across (but not limited to) • ASP.NET Application Development • Desktop Development in .Net • Windows Mobile Development.

Magic’s unified technology stack comprises its application and business integration platforms. Our business-centric technology is based on a metadata paradigm and declarative logic patterns that offer unrivaled productivity and simplicity. Our offering includes a robust, scalable metadata application engine and a development studio that uses metadata and declarative logic to deliver efficiency, productivity, and ease of use.

JAG offers solutions developed on JAVA with our team of experienced JAVA developers.

JAG’s mobility application development team have created a framework that enables us to deliver mobility application in a very short time. We deliver application for most mobile OS installed in iPhones.

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